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Food for Thought: Broadening Concerns in Security

Most restaurant owners and managers understand security concerns related to (1) active shooters, (2) employee retaliation, and/or (3) robbery. But there are other factors continually coming to light in court cases where large judgements and/or settlements show that much more should be considered beyond installing cameras, alarms, and access control systems.

This program looks at the growing areas of liability facing all restaurants. From cash couriers to delivery drivers; from threats posed by former employees to personal conflicts, from traditional security issues to those facing us with new tech,it is important to understand (and mitigate) the full scope of risks. This is the presentation that will give you new ideas, new perspectives, and new strategies.


Sunday, July 15, 2018


11:30am - 12:00pm


Silicon Hills Tech Stage


Jeff McKissack, Defense By Design


Jeff McKissack

Jeff McKissack is a noted authority in the field of threat assessment and prevention of violent crime. For over 30 years, Jeff has addressed some 350,000 in live audiences with countless others via radio and television interviews across the nation.

Jeff's approach is a holistic one noting what happens "off-the-clock" can often affect your safety, security, and operations on-the-clock as well. And as we have all seen in our news feeds, what happens in the ER affects your HR, and what happens at the PD can affect your PR. Jeff addresses both.

From the National Restaurant Association to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Jeff's proactive message to safety and security has been noted. As Jeff best sums up his own message and mission, "my goal is to help you spot trouble 'before' trouble spots you." And in today's world, that is a message of benefit to us all.