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Menu Labeling, Diseases and Food Allergies

For those with celiac disease or other food allergies, menu items that claim to be allergy-friendly have to deliver on that promise.  Learn about risk management, tactics for improved transparency, and how to translate regulatory guidelines into trustworthy meal preparation and menu disclaimers.


Monday, July 10, 2017


1:30pm - 2:30pm


Cutting Edge Stage


Betsy Craig, Menu Trinfo


Betsy Craig Headshot

Betsy Craig

Betsy Craig is an award-wining CEO and the Founder of MenuTrinfo®, LLC , AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo, and Kitchens with Confidence. Betsy is considered the national leading expert on food allergies and their impact on the foodservice industry.  Being a trailblazer in food safety for those with special dietary needs have lead to the development of her newest company, auditing and accreditation leader for food allergies and gluten-free is Kitchens with Confidence. 

The three different companies pull together a complete suite of services includes menu labeling, certification and training in the areas of food allergies and food sensitivities, audits for food service, certification for product free from different allergens, AllerTrain™ the only ANSI accredited food allergy & gluten-free training class in the food service industry, nutritional counseling and policy development.