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Trends with Teas and Coffees

Think about the complex, earthy and floral notes that you love about tea and coffee—and now consider how great they would taste used in cooking or even cocktails.  Discover new ways to use teas and coffees -- from a custom meat rubs to a cocktail blended with complementary spirits. 


Monday, July 10, 2017


10:00am - 10:30am


Cutting Edge Stage


Jeremiah Hindman, The Sophisticate's Tea


Jeremiah Hindman

Jeremiah Hindman is co-Owner of The Sophisticate's Tea, a Denver-based company founded by his business partner and wife, Trinity. The Sophisticate's Tea produces tea concentrates for lattes and cocktails, and specializes in quality loose-leaf tea sourced primarily from China. Their products can be found in specialty coffeehouses and supermarkets throughout the US. Together, Trinity and Jeremiah work to teach others about the benefits and potential uses of tea in a daily diet and to encourage creative expression through tea. Before joining The Sophisticate's, he taught political science and philosophy classes at various institutions of higher education for more than a decade. Jeremiah's education and teaching experience are perfect compliments to their company’s mission of creating, enhancing and preserving relationships through tea for the good of the whole.