Coggins Philip

Phlip Coggins has been involved in both the Service and Music Industry for the last 21 years. In that time he has held every position in both fields, helped open up countless venues including 5 in Austin in the past year and a half, created a myriad of beverage programs, developed recipes, managed teams of employees, run several successful companies including a studio that produced Texas Chart topping hits, bridged gaps between both industries, and supported countless individuals to reach their goals and find success in two fields that are equally challenging and passion driven. His view of music and service are closely tied to the same principle: the fulfillment of individuals needs for sustenance and replenishment both literally and figuratively. Hospitality and Service to those in need.

Philip Coggins Philip Coggins Phlipside Records / District Distilling CEO (Phlipside) / Brand Ambassador (District Distilling)

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