J. Allen Carnes

The Carnes family has been in the agriculture and produce industry in Texas since 1950. At the present time they harvest and ship over 1.5 million packages per year and have annual sales over 15 million. J. Allen Carnes, the 36 year-old president and third generation of Winter Garden Produce, returned to the family farm in 1997 after graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in finance. 

J. Allen realized that he had a passion concerning the issues affecting agriculture and soon became involved with the Mission-based Texas Vegetable Association. He was president of that association from 2005-2009 and currently serves on the board, as well as being active in the National Council of Ag Employers, the United Fresh Produce Association and the Texas Sweet Onion Committee. Winter Garden Produce continues to be an industry leader in addressing food safety issues on the crops it grows and ships.

J Allen Carnes headshot J. Allen Carnes Winter Garden Produce

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