TRA Young Guns

Sunday, July 14, 2019
2:00 - 4:00 PM

Co-hosted by two young hot shot Houston restaurateurs, TRA Young Guns is the first TRA event designed for young restaurant professionals. Whether you're young in years or just new to the industry, come check out exclusive programming designed with you in mind. No one will be checking IDs at the door - promise. Join your fellow Young Guns at a secret location within GRBCC for two hours of real conversations, cocktails, and connections.


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Thomas Nguyen
Peli Peli
Nicole Bean
Pizaro's Pizza








Ed Sessions

How to Hustle

Learn from two well-known Houston bar and restaurant operators about what it means to treat your staff right, how to surround yourself with talented and passionate people, and how to hustle in Houston: the NEW culinary capital of the south.

Justin Yu
Theodore Rex
Bobby Heugel
Anvil Bar & Refuge









Justin Yu is the Chef/Owner Theodore Rex Restaurant, Better Luck Tomorrow and Public Services Wine and Whisky. His European-inspired American cuisine with a tint towards vegetables has been recognized by Bob Appetit, Food and Wine, New York Times, and Houston Chronicle. He was the James Beard Award winner for Best Chef: Southwest in 2016.

Bobby Heugel is an owner of Anvil Bar & Refuge, Better Luck Tomorrow, The Pastry War, Tongue-Cut Sparrow, Squable and other bars and restaurants in Houston. He also was Founding President of the OKRA Charity Saloon, a non-profit bar that has donated over a million dollars to local charities since 2012. Heugel introduced modern cocktails to Houston over a decade ago, launching a career that has spanned a dozen businesses from bars to restaurants. He consults for hospitality groups, developers, and spirits brands, travels frequently – visiting over 400 distilleries over the past decade, and writes for national publications.

Instagram Influencer Marketing: Worth the Hype?

More and more restaurant and bar operators are turning towards social media heavy hitters to drive awareness, traffic, and ultimately the size of the tab. But what expectations does an influencer have in terms of payment and compensation? Conversely, what expectations should an operator have for these Insta influencers? Let's break down these awkward topics and get real on influencer ROI.  

Speakers to be Announced Soon!