Startup Showcase

As part of our commitment to showcasing innovation from companies both large and small, TRA Marketplace will host its first ever Startup Showcase in 2018. The Startup Showcase will be an area on the trade show floor dedicated to technology startups working to solve real challenges in the foodservice industry. 

A panel of industry experts selected the following companies to participate in the 2018 Startup Showcase. 

2018 Startup Showcase Participants

Congratulations to the following companies! We cannot wait for our restaurant attendees to meet you at TRA Marketplace.

Philadelphia, PA

Company Description: Ontray's bringing the power of online ordering back to the restaurant industry. Big marketplaces like GrubHub have changed the way we order food online but leave it up to the restaurant to foot the bill. They not only charge high fees but also diminishing the brand equity of restaurants who are now seen as one of a thousand restaurants on their platform with no way of differentiating themselves. Ontray flips the script by giving restaurants all the technological tools consumers have become accustomed too but made available on the restaurant's own branded website. With Ontray, restaurants and restaurant delivery services can offer direct to consumer online ordering under their brand name for a fraction of the cost of the marketplaces.

Restaurant Analytics Delivered (RAD)
Evergreen, CO

Company Description: Restaurant concepts have a data problem. They are inherently inundated with massive amounts of data from the disparate, siloed data systems across their organization. From the POS, to the BOH, to Third-Party services, to internal applications, restaurant systems do not work together, much to the detriment of the end-user. Executives, Operators, and every team member in between struggle to extract meaningful data from their systems. They waste an exorbitant amount time extracting data and digging around in reports and spreadsheets from their various systems. These efforts draw focus away from the core capabilities of restaurant companies instead of enhancing them.

RAD solves this data problem. RAD integrates data from all systems across a restaurant organization and transforms it into an enterprise, restaurant-specific data warehouse purpose built for analytics. Founded on a proven, modern, cloud-based architecture, RAD fuses data from disparate systems and provides a holistic view of the business. RAD accomplishes this as a managed Software as a Service (SaaS), which allows restaurant concepts to actually analyze their data and not just wrestle with data management. With RAD, those same team members who previously struggled to produce the most basic of reports are now empowered with accurate, meaningful, and insightful data at their fingertips that enables them to make impactful, data-driven decisions.

Sponsiv Digital | Vinu Menu
Austin, TX

Company Description: Our digital beverage list platforms help restaurants, bars, hotels, stadiums and cruise lines sell more wine, beer, cocktails and spirits by giving guests the information they need to make an informed selection and giving servers the confidence to sell any wine or spirit.

Austin, TX

Company Description: We allow guests to purchase House Accounts, which are prepaying for 10-20 meals and receiving a discount for doing so. The restaurant gets the cash up-front and a guaranteed loyal customer. We then use technology to ensure that this VIP guest has the best experience in the restaurant and also reward them when they refer their friends (who are potentially great customer) to come in. 

We also prefund up to six months of House Account sales if a restaurant wants capital upfront for an improvement or to open. We then sell the House Accounts to pay ourselves back.

Eat Again
Frisco, TX

Company Description: EatAgain is a global e-commerce technology provider of mobile app and web development for restaurants, independent chefs, food trucks, food stands, and voucher-based meal settings. EatAgain technology returns web power to the restaurateur, expanding reach, improving order accuracy, creating forecasting ability, collecting minable data, strengthening electronic presence, and providing verified reviews. Fundamentally, EatAgain technology provides real-time data, promotes efficient food investment and distribution while supporting restaurateurs to exceed customer satisfaction.

Provo, Utah

Company Description: We designed the kioskoMobile kiosk and app experience to be better than talking to a person. Developing to this benchmark removes barriers to a negative customer experience and promotes adoption. Both of which lead to the following:

  1. Reduced operating costs - our customers have reduced employee headcount 33% since implementing kioskoMobile digital ordering.
  2. Increased revenue - Digital ordering results in higher revenue per order, estimated 20% increase per transaction. 
  3. Throughput maximization- kiosk and app ordering brings modern scalability that removes the bottleneck at the counter. 
  4. Our system supports all modern payment methods including: cash, cards, mobile pay, and crypto currencies. Customers can pay how they want to pay.
  5. The kioskoMobile platform networks customers. Each app customer on the platform is automatically an app customer of every other restaurant on the platform. Every action is branded to appear to the customer as though they have each location's app downloaded on their device.

Pitch Session

Join all the Startup Showcase Participants for a pitch session on stage. In 5 minutes, hear a brief overview of their company, their progress as a startup, and the problem they are solving within the industry.

Startup Showcase Pitch Session
Sunday, July 15
2:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Big Bend Big Ideas Stage