Dallas Health Code Requirement

The city of Dallas has changed the way in which they are permitting food shows such as TRA Marketplace. Each booth serving any food or beverage must have a permit; much like those provided or food festivals, etc... TRA wants to make sure you are have everything you need for an issue-free event!

City of Dallas Code Compliance is requiring each booth serving any food or beverage to have a permit. TRA has filled out as many these forms for you as possible, but we have not heard from all exhibitors.  Permits require 7 days to process. To be safe, and considering the Independence Day Holiday, the last day to submit this application is Monday, June 26, 2017.

City of Dallas will not be onsite to issue permits. Code compliance officers, however, will be on site, both days, to enforce this requirement. If you are found to not have a permit, Dallas Code Compliance may fine you, shut down your opportunity to serve samples or both.

If you will be serving and alcoholic beverage, the TABC alcohol letter will not cover the City of Dallas, unfortunately. You will need both permits. 

Please review the Food Requirements Guidelines 

Exceptions to the Guidelines - TRA has been granted two noteable exceptions to the usual festival guidelines:

  • Exhibitors are allowed to cut food items on-site
  • Exhibitors are allowed to store small quantities of food and beverage in a cooler at their booth for a short period of time

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at expoinfo@tramail.org or 800.395.2872.