Exhibitor Brand Experience Sessions Info

Exhibitors will have Brand Experience Sessions in one of our Zoom Rooms! These will be prerecorded sessions, scheduled a few minutes apart. The schedule is being built right now, so expect an e-mail update soon!

Here's what to expect: Exhibitor Brand Experience Sessions will be scheduled based on their contract booth and size.

16 - 100 square feet = 5 minute sessions

200 - 300 square feet = 10 minute sessions

350 + square feet = 15 minute sessions

Need some ideas? Watch the tutorial video on how to make your demo video.

If you don't have a prerecorded demonstration available but would like to host a Brand Experience Session, please contact expoinfo@txrestaurant.org for assistance. Your completed video can be sent to the same e-mail address.


Additional information will be sent to exhibitors soon!