Privately Owned Vehicles (POV)

We understanding that not all of our TRA Marketplace exhibitors require standard material handling services, therefore, we have made accommodations if you are utilizing your privately owned vehicle (POV) under special circumstances. Please note that a POV is a vehicle that is owned by an employee of the exhibiting company, or the exhibiting company itself, designed to transport passengers, NOT cargo or freight.

Exhibitors bringing in exhibit or display materials in personal vehicles (POVs) will be required to enter the loading dock from Chartres Street, behind the convention center, in order to gain access. There is a 20 minute time limit to unload your booth material, and return to your vehicle to exit the designated POV area. We encourage two people per POV - one to unload and one to stay with the vehicle. The vehicle must be unloaded only by a fulltime company employee, and items removed from the vehicle must be hand-carried or rolled-in if the item is on casters. Small hand carts are allowed. If you require more than 20 minutes to unload your booth equipment/materials, you will be subject to standard material handling rules and regulations. Or, if your booth equipment is no more than 200 lbs, eight (8) pieces or less and fits on a standard flat cart, you may opt for Cart Service, provided by GES on-site

Arriving in any of these types of vehicles qualifies as freight and is subject to the standard Material Handling rules and regulations.

Questions? Contact Audrea Wood, Exhibitor Services Coordinator, at or 512.457.4100 or 800.395.2872