Register Your Booth Staff

To register your booth staff, select your contracted booth type below:

This link will take you to the Registration page and put you in the Exhibitor Category. Click "New Registration" to add all your staff names to the registration. 

8' Table - Craft Beverage Garden or Culinary Innovation Station 

8' Table x 2 - Two tables in either Craft Beverage Garden or Culinary Innovation Station

6x10 Pillar

8x10 booth or Go Texan Pavillion booth

10x10 inline or corner booth

10x20 inline, corner or 1/2 island booth (or 2 10x10 booths)

10x30 inline, corner or 1/2 island booth

10x40 inline or corner booth

20x20 island or peninsula

20x30 island

20x40 island


If you need assistance, please contact